Thursday, November 11, 2010


There has been plenty of talk about the estate of Guy Bourdin's new book, IN BETWEEN. The book features over 200 breathtaking images from his career.I can't wait to get my copy! So, I thought I would add a few more Guy Bourdin Images for the occasion.( There is already plenty on my blog,all straight from my own collection of Vogues.Without a doubt,he is my favorite fashion Photographer.)

Certainly, a good time was had by all on the Orient Express! Note the watches in her stocking...

I love this last shot here,but,unfortunately the magazine is so thick, it made scanning a real pain! I thought I would add it anyway, I hope you don't mind the splice...

Photos: Guy Bourdin
Vogue Paris 1983

Friday, November 5, 2010


Dress and Shoes: CLAUDE MONTANA
Bijoux: A&A TURNER

Dress and Shoes: AZZEDINE ALAIA
Bijoux: A&A TURNER

Dress and Shoes : THIERRY MUGLER
Bijoux: A&A TURNER

Dress and Shoes : CHANEL
Bijoux: VERNEY

 Photos: Jeanloup Sieff   
Vogue Paris Janvier 1984

Photo: Karen collins
Numéro no. 52 Avril 2004

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