Friday, August 15, 2014

Heels Over Head

Photo: Chris Von Wagenheim (scanned from 'Fashion: Theory' carol di grappa )

Friday, August 1, 2014

Love me Forever...Or Never!

Happy Birthday, to an absolute GENIUS.

 As Laurence Benaim so elequoently wrote: ( Yves saint Laurent ) "Sent out an invitation to all women to keep what they hold most precious : their difference. His work is a masterful lesson in seduction, in love and in attitude.There is nothing little, nothing hampered, nothing pettily impractacle or narcissistic in his dresses. It is rather like a whispered caress: "How can I help you?" beyond his clothes, he has left promises, the fantastic energy of tone of all the colors in the world. "

As a side note: Beauty through diversity! A far cry from the models used today!

All pictures and text from L'officiel: 1000 models YSL 1962-2002 
Video from INA.FR
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